Where are we going?

A lot has been going on over the past several months with regards to ecumenism and Islam. The basis of this ecumenism is the supposed common ground between Christianity and Islam of loving God and neighbor. However those pushing for this common ground fail to realize that Islam has no room for the Christian understanding of love which the Bible instructs believers to have for their neighbors. On a more important note a true Muslim cannot love the True God, Christ made it clear in John 8:19 and John 14:6-11 there is no way of having any positive relationship with the Father without the mediation done on our behalf by Christ who is the Son of God and the Second Person of the Trinity. Theologians of today seem to lack understanding of what is clearly taught in the Bible. It is sad to say that I have taught 8 year olds who could see the problems with this kind of wishful thinking involved in ecumenism. For those of you interested in following what has gone on with this doomed adventure I have compiled the links.

Here are the links.