Top 10 books of 2017


I have read over 60 books this year and reviewed 58 books and of the new books that have been published in this past year this is my top ten list. Being a pastor a lot of my reading is in the direction of pastoral ministry and preaching. Last year’s list of top books can be found here.

  1. Revitalize by Andy Davis
  2. Walking through Twilight by Douglas Groothuis
  3. Church series: Life of the Church, Heart of the Church, Character of the Church by Joe Thorn
  4. Preaching in the New Testament by Jonathan Griffiths
  5. Preaching as Reminding by Jeffrey D. Arthurs
  6. Portraits of a Pastor edited by Jason Allen
  7. Pray about Everything by Paul Tautges
  8. Pastoral Theology by Daniel Akin and R. Scott Pace
  9. Progress in the Pulpit by Jim Shaddix and Jerry Vines
  10. Encountering God Through Expository Preaching by Ryan Fullerton, Jim Scott Orick, and Brian Payne

Top 7 Books of 2016

The year will be coming to a close rather quickly and that calls for a list of the best books that have been released in this past year.It was no easy task narrowing down the best books of the year as this has been a really great year in Christian publishing.  Other lists that have come out listing the best books of the year are as follows: Desiring God’s Top 16 Books of 2016, Challies’s Top Books of 2016.

1. Calling on the Name of the Lord by J. Gary Millar. Reviewed here.

2.On Pastoring by H.B. Charles. Reviewed here.

3. Becoming a Pastor Theologian edited by Todd Wilson and Gerald Hiestand. Reviewed here.

4. The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life by Jeremy Pierre. Reviewed here.

5. Good and Angry by David Powlison. Reviewed here.

6. The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Steve Lawson. Reviewed here.

7. Pentecostal Outpourings edited by Robert Davis Smart, Michael A.G. Haykin, and Ian Hugh Clary. Reviewed here.

Top 7 of 2015


The following are my top 7 books and resources of 2015. Mostly books but two documentaries were released that I have greatly enjoyed.

  1. The New Pastor’s Handbook: I’ve benefited more from this book than any other book I have come across this year. My review is here.
  2. Logic On Fire: A video documentary on D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. His life and work should encourage all those who are called to preach the gospel.
  3. The Life of David Brainerd: A reminder of how much impact can have, even a short one, if it is lived in entire dedication to Christ.
  4. The Pastor as Public Theologian: A clear reminder of what is truly essential to the work of the pastor. My review can be found here.
  5. The Pastor’s Ministry: This was a good and balanced book on pastoral ministry that calls attention to areas that are often neglected such as ministering to widows. My review can be found here.
  6. Praying the Bible: Donald Whitney was one of my first professors in seminary, and his writings had had a profound impact on my life and in his latest book he continues to minister to me. My review can be found here.
  7. The Baptist Story: I’m a Baptist and a history nerd. This book appealed to both of those aspects, and additional plus is I don’t need a forklift to move this book around. My review can be found here.