Christmas: A reminder of the goodness of creation

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Sometimes as Christians we can adopt an attitude that despises or neglects the goodness of God’s creation. For many there understanding of the created order begins with the fall and misses God’s declaration that everything that he created was good.

In her forthcoming book Love Thy Body author Nancy Pearcey points to the hope of creation when she says the following in the first chapter, “Finally, at the end of time, all creation will be restored and renewed by God’s grace. The Bible speaks of salvation using terms like restore, renew, redeem—all of which imply a recovery of something that was originally good.”

Christmas tells the story of how God has begun the rescue of restoring, renewing, and redeeming creation.  This was done by the Word, which was God, becoming flesh. God displays the dignity of humanity and his love for creation in coming into his creation to rescue fallen humanity and redeem his creation from the curse.

Christmas reminds us that while creation is not the ultimate reality it is a good reality. A good and beautiful gift given by God not to be despised or rejected.


4 thoughts on “Christmas: A reminder of the goodness of creation

  1. Thanks for your comments. Advent has an aspect of not just looking to Christmas but also the coming again of Christ. The liturgical year ends with this view on Christ the King Sunday and continues this in Advent. Robert Webber’s book on the Church year observes this.

    • Very true. Sadly I think for many Advent doesn’t carry that sense of expectation which has historically been part and parcel of biblical Christianity.

  2. THE BIRTH OF CHRIST: A grandiose display of deity and humanity all in one with the manchild as the Godhead. Nothing more…and nothing less. This reality of humanity’s birth could only come about within the fertilized seed of woman…which makes perfect sense when we focus on real truth and not the human mind.

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