Review of The Life of the Church


Don’t let size fool you The Life of the Church by Joe Thorn has a depth and practicality to it that will be appreciated by any pastor or church leader. In this book Thorn has addressed three areas of the church’s life in a way that I thought was truly helpful for me as a pastor.

The table represents the community aspect of the church, that believers are in community with another. As Thorn also points out that community is better carried out where believers can gather together in smaller numbers than usually happens on Sunday. Even in smaller churches one can see the need for a greater sense of community than can be found in the typical worship service.

The pulpit represents the worshiping church, being shaped by the Word which has its central place in the life of the the church. His recommendations on preparing for worship are particularly practical.

In addressing the square Thorn helpfully reminds us that the church’s time together in smaller groups and in worship are not an end in themselves, the church is called to be present in the public square. Thorn’s encouragement to believers in regards to having gospel conversations is particularly helpful given the penchant for formulaic evangelism in contemporary evangelicalism. He reminds of the importance of hearing and understanding as opposed to lecturing to people.

I know we’re fairly into the year but I believe that this book and the series it is a part of may prove to be some of the most useful ministry resources published this year.

Disclosure: I received an advanced review copy of the book from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing it. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.


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