Review: Daily Readings From the Christian in Complete Armour

In Daily Readings from the Christian in Complete Armour James S Bell Jr. has edited William Gurnall’s massive work The Christian in Complete Armour into a more modestly sized daily devotional.

Gurnall’s original work unabridged comes in at 1240 pages in the single volume Banner of Truth addition. Utilizing the three volume revised and abridged edition, which itself is 1036 pages, Bell has drawn out devotional gems for the reader to feat upon daily. For those who don’t read older English works the updating of language will help the modern reader grasp what Gurnall is saying. I have compared this work with the full unabridged edition which I have, and the update is faithful to the original.

Why should you consider reading this devotional this year? In my opinion Gurnall’s work is one of the most important works on spiritual warfare out there. The Puritans had a view of God and commitment to Scripture that is lacking in many instances in contemporary evangelicalism. Others have commended Gurnall’s work better than I could. John Newton author of the hymn Amazing Grace said, ‘If I might read only one book beside the Bible, I would choose The Christian in Complete Armour.’ J.C. Ryle said, ‘You will often find in a line and a half some great truth, put so concisely, and yet so fully, that you really marvel how so much thought could be got into so few words.’ Gurnall’s concise way of stating  biblical principals is faithfully captured in this devotional.

If you haven’t found a devotional to use in this new year get this one. If you have already found one, get this one anyway. Simply put get this.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book from Moody Press for the purpose of reviewing it. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.



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