Christmas conflicts


This Christmas the most important fights aren’t about nativity scenes or red cups. There are two issues that have been a source of contention among professing Christians, which I will address briefly.

Andy Stanley has again proven how slippery slope he is on in minimizing the importance of the virginal conception of Christ. Details on that can be found here. A few thoughts:

  1. To drive a wedge between the incarnation and the resurrection is absurd. It’s not just his prediction of His death and resurrection that make Jesus worthy. The biblical testimony is that He is both God and man. Stanley is quoted as saying “Christianity doesn’t hinge on the truth or even the stories around the birth of Jesus,” Stanley said. “It really hinges on the resurrection of Jesus.” That is false, Christianity hinge upon the whole Christ, and we cannot pick apart the person and work of Christ to satisfy the culture.
  2. It seems Andy Stanley is ignorant of the possibility that Galatians 4:4 may indeed be a reference to the virginal conception of Christ. I would commend this article for your reading. I fear Andy Stanley is in dangerous position in his willingness to discount biblical truth.

Regarding the canceling of church services for Christmas I’d like to share two thoughts I posted on Facebook the other day as I believe it deserves repeating.

  1. Sunday is the Lord’s day(singular possessive) and Christmas is short for Christ’s mass, and really every day is His not ours.
  2. If going to church on a holiday aka holy day is too much of a demand you’re going to have serious problems with God, he wants complete surrender, not just convenient Christianity.

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