The Pitch of Fatherhood


Fatherhood is a laboratory of life that helps us learn more about ourselves and our Father in heaven. At the baptism of Jesus the Father speaks and says that He is well pleased with Jesus. Doug Wilson in his work Father Hunger speaks to this:

So this is what fatherhood is like. This is where fatherhood reaches its ultimate expression. In human history, there will never be a more perfect father-and-son moment than this moment between Father and Son. This is the keynote-pleasure. This is the pitch that a father/son relationship needs to match -“well pleased.”

When we don’t match that pitch, a lot of things start going wrong. In fact, so many things start going wrong that we sometimes miss the source of tall the trouble. In our generation we are confronted with many social dislocations that all go back to a foundational father hunger. All men are the son of some man, and all women are the daughter of some man, but far too many of them have never heard their father say anything like what the Father said to His Son. (Doug Wilson, Father Hunger, p. 2)

Every morning I get to wake up and nurture two boys and a girl who would rather have me than any toy or trinket I could buy them. I don’t always match that pitch, but I strive to, and when I fail to on my end I apologize to my children for it. The thing about the pitch though is it requires fathers to be like their heavenly Father and that is imminent. This holiday season you are going to be tempted in several different areas, and when those temptations face you, you need to remember the pitch we are aiming for.

1) One temptation that many fathers face is the lie that our children want or need things more than they need us. I know there are fathers who are going to put in ungodly amount of work into making sure their kids get all the things they want. Let’s be honest our kids would rather have us at home than have the latest toy or the latest game system. No child looking into their dad’s coffin wishes their dad had spent more time at work so they could have had more toys growing up.

2) A second temptation is that we don’t have to say our doing anything for our kids. I know dads in my community that attend none of their children’s activities. The Father demonstrated his love for Jesus by drawing near at the baptism known and by making His loving presence known by speaking and by send the Spirit. Our kids to need to hear and see our love demons our words and our presence.

This holiday season let us be fathers who reflect the love, care, and concern of our heavnenly Father in the lives of our children.


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