Five thoughts for this Friday the 13th

It came to the attention of many this morning that the President is seeking to force public schools across America to accommodate the LGBT agenda in allowing individuals to use whatever restroom they “identify” with. Besides pointing out the irony that this news comes out on Friday the 13th which highlights the horror that is modern America I would like to share five thoughts for reflection.

  1. This moral disaster isn’t one that occurred overnight. Just a cursory view of the 20th and 21st centuries reveal that this has been a gradual decline in basic sexual morality and common sense. God can reverse the decline quicker than it happened, He is still in control and He is still the Almighty and He can change hearts and minds. Be hopeful.
  2. The church bears a great brunt of the responsibility for this situation. Where boldness was called for in the past churches were silent and accommodated the decline especially in embracing diminished views of marriage.
  3. The cause of truth will never be served by spreading misinformation. I have seen false stories shared in order to bolster the traditional view. Rather than strengthening the cause of truth it weakens it. Fact check before you share a purported news story.
  4. Christian parents have a responsibility to protect and educate their children. While a parent may used public and private schools to aid in the endeavor of educating their children, parents are still responsible to see that their children are taught the truth. Parents you must keep abreast of what your children are being taught especially in areas of morality.
  5. There is tendency for those who chose different educational paths for their children to judge those who disagree. Recent developments should give greater pause to parents and lead them to be intentional in the education of their children. Jesus said a student will be like their teacher, when looking at your educational options ask yourself if you want your children to be reflective of them. Children also should not be used as cannon fodder in the culture war, parents you have a responsibility to protect your children this must come first in deciding their education.

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