Reflecting on Four Years



2012-02-28 19.25.39John turns four today. In four years I have seen my baby boy grow into a caring child. In four years John has become an older brother twice. First to his little brother Joel and then last year to his sister Johannah who he loves and adores.

John cares about others and has a sense of empathy I hope he never grows out of. If he’s heard that a member of our church has been sick he’ll always ask me if they’re OK or if they’re feeling better. He loves to tell me that he loves me he’ll say, “You know we love you, we always love you because we love Jesus.” I hope he doesn’t grow out of that either. He’s a wonderful big brother, if Joel wakes up in the middle of the night and because he lost his blanket or whatever the problem is John will come and get me and make sure his little brother gets exactly what he needs even at 3am.

When you’re a parent you grow just as much as your kids do. Even though there are countless books on parenting nobody has ever become an expert in parenting. Doug Wilson in his book Future Men says that raising boys is an exercise of faith, faith that what you are doing will lead them to mature manhood.

I’m thankful for John, words can’t even begin to describe how proud of him and his siblings I am. Four years ago I held John’s hand for the first time, and I wouldn’t trade these four years for anything. Happy birthday John, I love you more than you’ll ever know.

One thought on “Reflecting on Four Years

  1. Yes he is special. When you had your surgery we prayed for you then John would tell me we had to pray again and held my hand a Joel’s to make sure
    we were together and he said the prayer in his own way. We prayed for Heather when she had her wisdom teeth removed. I can not forget John knowing some how I was sad and he prayed for me that day. He is truly blessed by Jesus and a special gift.

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