Where is your treasure?


We live in a foolish culture. We have so many voices in our culture calling to store up and spend on ourselves. To place everything at our service, and because of that we live in a poor country. We are poor toward God. This Sunday I preached from Luke 12:13-21 where Jesus tells the story of a man who looks so much like what our culture calls us to do and to be and he calls him a fool. Are you a fool, is your treasure here?


One thought on “Where is your treasure?

  1. For me my treasures are not about money, status . It is about loving, forgiving and trying my best to live by the word of God. Being human it is not an easy road. It is feeled with pain heartaches, turns twists but I thrust in the Lord to lead me. Ihave shed a lot of tears along the way but the Lord has seen me and carried me through the hard times. I have been a fool at times not to see it but looking back I know he has never left me and will not. I look for the day to lay my crown at his feet fo I am not worthy of it

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