Review of The Pastor’s Ministry

The Pastor’s Ministry by Brian Croft provides on overview of the biblical priorities and emphases of pastoral ministry. When reading material on pastoral ministry I am cautious when I come across anything that might be considered new or revolutionary. Thankfully there is nothing new or revolutionary here.

This work is divided into three sections. The first section points to the biblical foundations of pastoral ministry guarding the deposit of the truth, preaching, and praying. The second deals with different focuses of pastoral ministry being an example, visitation, and pastoral care of grieving and widows. The third section addresses those areas which reflect faithfulness such as church discipline both corrective and formative, and equipping leaders for the future.

Much of this book is derived from material previously published by Day One in its series Ministering the Master’s Way. I’m thankful that Zondervan has picked up this material allowing it to be presented to a wider audience. From what I have seen in the ministries of recent seminary graduates Croft’s second section is most needed. There is often an attitude among pastors and especially recent seminary graduates that other people can visit the sick, the shut-ins, and the widows. This however is not reflective of Scripture, pastors as ones called to be an example to their flock must lead out in visitation. The attention given to this aspect of ministry is what sets Croft’s work apart from many present manuals for pastoral ministry.

Croft’s work is readily accessible and would benefit pastors from a wide range of educational and denominational backgrounds. He has succeeded in reminding pastors as to what their identity is to be according to Scripture.

A review copy of this work was provided through Netgalley.


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