Missions, Video Games, Action Movies, and a Nation of Wimps

I saw this morning a young man made a PowerPoint to convince his parents to allow him to have the latest GTA game. I don’t condemn all men who play video games as being in sin, but I would say that it does display a lack of wisdom. I have know men who have too many men who have failed in their education, families, and careers to think otherwise about this. I hope that young man’s parents say no for his own good. Let’s weigh our priorities and if there is anything that distracts us from the priorities set before us in Scripture let us remove those weights from our life.

The Furnace

Bob up there and his 745,000 other friends and family members have never heard of Jesus, their Tukulor, Pulaar of Senegal and all Muslim. No man wants to go to them, but at least we have that  Jesus movie to send to them because we’re too lazy go. The Jesus movie replaces a real living witness to Christ with a video that requires no sacrifice, missions without sacrifice has no basis in the Bible.

Missions, Video Games, Action Movies, and a Nation of Wimps:
This week we had the privilege of having Dr. Akin the president of SEBTS speak on the topic of missions for two days from the Scriptures and the lives of three missionaries. He brought up something I knew about but never really chewed on, the lack of men going into missions and ministry in general. I’ve been thinking about things in our culture which serve as…

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