No Political Endorsements to See Here

You’re not going to find any endorsements on any political parties or politicians here. That’s not because I don’t have opinions, I do I have many opinions. It’s not because I think that I am barred from doing so, I do believe our faith must and will influence how we view areas in the political realm.

Recently I read and reviewed The Baptist Story. In it an excerpt from William Steadman written in retrospect after Baptist pastors showed great support for the French Revolution that became the Reign of Terror.

William Steadman says:

Politics is a subject, which, a few years ago, engrossed no small attention, and did no small injury both to ministers and people, by employing too much of their time and thoughts, as well as by exciting and improper party spirit…I do not wish you to be wholly ignorant of the political state of your country, as you are a citizen as well as a preacher; but do not, I beseech you, let politics engross so much of your thoughts, or your conversation, as to cause the duties of the citizen to interfere with those of the preacher. (The Baptist Story p. 100)

Fellow pastors we have so little time with those under our care, and less with those visitors passing through our churches. Let us not be distracted from the greatest good of making Christ known and seeing souls brought from death to life, politics can be a source of good but they aren’t the ultimate source of good our people and this world need. Political activities can restrain sin and mitigate some of its effects, but the gospel alone breaks the power of sin. This is not to say we are silent on issues that are destructive to people and society such as abortion and homosexuality, in addressing them we must address them with the hope and life transforming power of the gospel and not the arm of flesh.

One thought on “No Political Endorsements to See Here

  1. Well said . I have heard Pastors talk about who to vote for and nothing about the Lord. I want my soul filled with the words of The Lord so I can feel the joy and comfort I starve for.

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