Where are we going?

We aren’t called to be a light among other lights, we are to shine like stars in the dark night sky.

The Furnace

Recent events must lead those of who live in the United States to ask, where are we going? The new year brought in with legalization of marijuana for recreational use in two states. Last year brought with it the decision to strike down DOMA, which has led to the creeping normalization of same-sex marriage by way of judicial ruling. To quote Bob Dylan “the times they are a changing.” We might think that we live in a unique time, and that our situation is unique, it’s not. 

One of the greatest thinkers of the Christian tradition wrote and ministered in conditions much like our American context. He lived in an empire in which the lines between the church and the world were increasingly blurred. He lived in a time where Christianity was professed and normalized but not practiced. Augustine wrote one of his greatest works, City of God, as the…

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