Review: Feed My Sheep

In keeping Feed My Sheep:A Passionate Plea for Preaching in print Reformation Trust Publishing has given a gift to the local church and pastors everywhere. This book is filled with wisdom from some of the most prominent preachers of the last 20th and early 21st centuries. In total there are eleven contributors to this book with a fair representation, should this work ever be expanded upon I would suggest seeking contributions from Mark Dever, Dick Lucas, and Philip Jensen.

Some of the chapters are predictable if you’ve heard the authors speak before on the topic of preaching, this however is not a weakness as it shows a consistency in thought that has led these men to have the impact they have had. Dr. Albert Mohler in his chapter highlights the need to return to true preaching. James Montgomery Boice reminds us that it is the preaching of the word that serves as the God given means to produce conversion and growth in the life of the believer. This is not just any preaching but preaching rooted in the text and backed by a firm conviction of the truthfulness of God and His word. Derek Thomas addresses what true exposition entails, which is needed corrective as many people want to call what they do exposition when that is far from the truth. Joel Beeke drawing from the Puritan tradition addresses experiential preaching. Sproul Sr. and Jr.’s chapters tie together in dealing with preaching that teaches and addresses the mind of the hearer. Sinclair Ferguson’s chapter is priceless especially in regards to Paul’s threefold openness and the work of application in preaching. Don Kistler addresses the nature of the preacher’s authority as being derived authority in that is it is derived from the word and not the preacher. Eric Alexander reminds pastors that all true preaching should have evangelistic thrust seeking to be faithful to the ministry of reconciliation. Piper puts forward a theology of suffering in the context of preaching while MacArthur draws from Paul to remind preachers that the power is not in themselves but in God.

Pastors if you want to grow as a preacher get this book. We have so many bad models and role models trying to mislead in our ministries, these men in their chapters reflect lifetimes of faithfulness in preaching. In exchange for this review I will be given a free copy of the book by Reformation Trust.

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