Book Review: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Authors Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment in Bringing Heaven to Earth remind readers that the renewal and restoration accomplished by Christ on the cross. Often times evangelicals struggle with an under-realized eschatology and this book serves as a helpful corrective for that. Much of the thought in this book is very reminiscent of N.T. Wright’s writings dealing with actualized eschatology. The first section of the book reminds the readers of the hope we have in the redemption accomplished by Christ and closes with a correction of our understanding of the end. The end of the story is not a picture of destruction but of a wedding. The second section invites readers to join in the celebration of heaven in the here and now.  The third section points to the practical realities of living as citizens of heaven while we are on earth.

This book provides a much needed correction to how we live our lives as believers. We often live as if we ought to conform to the world rather then the world to come. Paul in his epistles reminds us that in addition to being pilgrims and exiles in this world we are citizens of heaven meaning we are colonists called to live out the implications of the gospel of the kingdom now and when the kingdom is fully consummated.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in return for writing an honest review. The opinions included in this blog are my own.

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