Godwin’s Law and Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood and its supporters are offended at the comparison’s being made between them and the Nazis. They are rightly offended I mean what professional athlete would take kindly to being likened to a t-ball league player. You see in reality the Nazi’s were failed amateurs compared to the skill and efficiency that Planned Parenthood has demonstrated in its work of eugenics and genocide.

First let us consider the issue of eugenics a shared vision between the Nazi’s and Planned Parenthood and their founder Margaret Sanger. The Nazi’s has to forcibly sterilize those they did not wish to procreate, the undesirables of society. Planned Parenthood has women willingly come in to have their fertility removed. More over the Nazi’s sought to snuff out what they termed life unworthy of life, again this required open force. Planned Parenthood convinces women to come in to be screened for undesirable traits such as Down Syndrome convincing them it is in the best interest of everyone for such a person. Planned Parenthood is able to accomplish what the Nazi’s attempted with the only heads being broken being those of their unborn victims.

Now let us consider the issues of genocide and the victims involved. Margaret Sanger’s vision which is still the heart and soul of Planned Parenthood was to weed out undesirable minorities a goal shared by the Nazis. Even with the cooperation of a few other countries the Nazis failed to accomplish their goal. Not only did they fail they left witnesses. Planned Parenthood has been by and large successful in their efforts and even done so with assistance of the parents of their victims. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have to fear any of its victims identifying their doctors and staff in a court of law. Planned Parenthood has chosen a group entirely unable of fleeing, or should they survive the evil done to them able to testify against them.

Finally I’d like to consider something that usually catches up with evil doers and that is the issue of evidence. The Nazis left evidence everywhere which is still being discovered. Many of their victims were buried in mass graves. Planned Parenthood has had two ways of eliminating the bodies of their victims. The first being incinerating the bodies of the aborted. The second sell them or “donate” them for medical research. Planned Parenthood slipped up, they got caught on tape discussing what their work. Now they are being compared to the Nazis and they don’t like it. I would agree to a point that the comparison is unfair they have been head and shoulders above the Nazis in propaganda, eugenics, and genocide so let’s give them their due credit. Here’s to you Planned Parenthood on being one of the most efficient murder machines in the history of humanity, I’m thankful for the wrench in the gears you have suffered of late and pray it proves fatal to your murderous endeavors.


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