Review of Praying the Bible

In Praying the Bible Dr. Donald Whitney has again provided an important tool in developing a vital spiritual life. Having had Dr. Whitney during my time at SBTS I was already familiar with much of the material found in this book.

Dr. Whitney focuses in on the great challenge most Christians face in their prayer life, the issue of praying the same old prayers about the same old things. As he shows many Christians pray the same exact prayer all the time, which does nothing to promote real praying. Whitney shows the value in using the Bible in prayer, which is praying Scripture. After making his case for praying Scriptures he goes down to the practicalities of how to pray the different genres found in the Bible and addresses how to use this method in both private and corporate settings.

This is a much needed book and should find its place on every pastor’s bookshelf. If you struggle with having a meaningful prayer life and find that your prayers have all the life of an answering machine recording pick up this book and read it with the Bible by your side. I have benefited greatly from this book as I have from all of the author’s previous writings and teaching.


2 thoughts on “Review of Praying the Bible

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