Review: Pillars of Grace by Dr. Steven Lawson

Picking up where Foundations of Grace left Dr. Steven Lawson in Pillars of Grace continues tracing the legacy of men who have exalted and stood upon the foundational truth of the gospel. Lawson’s work is readily accessible to those with little familiarity with church history, and still informative and inspiring for those more familiar with church history.

Lawson begins his book tracing the doctrinal history of the church and the men who were faithful to the gospel of grace from the Church Fathers up until the time of the Reformation. Lawson’s attention given to the primary sources is very helpful for one attempting to find out what the church has truly believed about the gospel of grace over the centuries. In each following chapter Lawson fleshes out the historical context of each of the men in question and delves into their life and work examining in what ways they upheld various aspects of the doctrines of grace.

Lawson has given the church a unique gift in this book. I would encourage anyone who is serious about learning what the church has believed about the gospel of grace to read this book as in it we find valuable light from men who loved the gospel and cherished God’s grace. I will be receiving a free physical copy of the book in exchange for this review.

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