Review: Seven Revolutions

In Seven Revolutions Mike Aquilina and James Papandera provide a unique insight. Their observations regarding the similarity between Pre-Christian Rome and the Post-Christian West are accurate and help pave the way for seeing the need for the seven revolutions they put forward to take place again today. The revolutions revolve around human dignity, the family, valuing work, loving God, loving neighbor, how death is viewed and the dead are treated, and finally a revolution of how government is understood.

The authors do a great job of showing how Christianity revolutionized the world in those seven areas. More attention could have been spent on addressing the role of Scripture in shaping the revolutions as the early church confronted a Pre-Christian Roman Empire. That however does not detract from the value of this book. As one reads of the early Christians and their radical commitment to Christian morality one can only hope that Christianity as a whole recommits to the seven revolutions laid out in this book.

The authors close with a to-do list calling for Christians to live a life that is counter cultural. One of the best recommendations they give is in regards to rejecting the culture of celebrity and humiliation as entertainment, something all Christians should take head of. In the end the authors provide Christians of all denominations a picture of Christianity how Christianity changed the world, and model for how Christianity can do so again. This review was made possible through a free review copy provided by the publisher Image.

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