Sustained by Grace

Several years ago I preached a sermon on Paul’s thorn in the flesh. The year before in 2008 I had been informed of what has turned out to be my own thorn in the flesh, Crohn’s disease. In August of 2008 I spent 4 days in the hospital as a result of Crohn’s disease. I had gone the ER thinking the problem was my appendix, it wasn’t. After numerous tests and receiving the diagnosis I was told that I would have an over 90 percent of having surgery in the next few years.

In March I began to have pain in my lower right abdomen, thought it was my appendix, it wasn’t. The pain ended up shifting up t my upper abdomen which led my doctor to believe it might be gallbladder related, it wasn’t. An abdominal ultrasound and CT Scan later and that 90 percent chance of surgery has become a date March 11th. I will have my first bowel resection, I say first because with the nature of Crohn’s and the severity of my Crohn’s in particular future surgery is always a possibility.

I’m reminded more of two realities that life confronts the believer with. We are dust and his grace is sufficient for our every need.

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