Review of The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen

The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen, Ferguson’s addition on Owen to the Long Line of Godly Men series is a welcome one. Ferguson demonstrated in this work his deep familiarity with Owen’s life and thought. The work begins with an overview of his life and work which provides valuable insight into this amazing pillar of truth. In this we see the fruit of Owen’s Trinitarian devotion.

With Owen’s place and accomplishments fleshed out Ferguson then turns his attention to Owen’s most important contribution his Trinitarian thought. One of the most helpful sections in regards to Owen’s Trinitarian thought is his dealing with the issue of appropriations. A great number of Christians view God as undifferentiated being; this section helps see the depth of communion the truth of the Trinity gives to believers.

Ferguson proceeds to address Owen’s Trinitarian thought in regards to the individual members of the Trinity. Ferguson addresses Owen’s view understanding of the Father through the understanding of love and its many aspects while also dealing with some of the false understandings we find in regards to love and the Father in our contemporary culture. Ferguson proceeds to address the theme of fellowship with Christ with attention given to the work of Christ and its implications on the believer’s union with Christ. Owen’s most important contribution for the church today is seen when Ferguson addresses communion with the Holy Spirit. As he notes there is much confusion in the church today as to what actually constitutes fellowship with the Spirit. Ferguson shows that Owen points believers to a Christ-centered understanding of the believer’s communion with the Holy Spirit. Ferguson closes his book by reminding of the rich privilege we have in being in communion with the triune God.

This book is a wonderful starting place for anyone who wants an introduction to the life and thought of John Owen with special regard to his work on the Trinity, it has inspired me to delve deeper in Owen’s own work on this subject. I will be receiving a free physical copy of the book in exchange for this review.


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