Review: Finding Your Way Back to God

In Finding Your Way Back to God Dave and Jon Ferguson seek to provide a road map for those who have drifted away from God. They invite the reader to take a wager in rediscovering God, but don’t rely on the revelation of God in Scripture as much as would be desired in a book that makes the claims that it does.

The book is well written filled with accounts of those Dave and Jon have ministered to and have helped find their way back to God. The book really isn’t designed for someone who had a deep religious commitment and drifted away from it, it seems more designed for those who had a very lose connection to Christianity to begin with. Pastorally I think one of the greatest weaknesses of the book is its lack of biblical and theological depth. The authors in using personal testimony have gone too far in that and so you’ll find more stories then Scripture. This book might be helpful to some but it’s not a resource I think would be very helpful to the majority of those who are dechurched or unchurched today.

This review was made possible by a free review copy from the publisher.


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