Review: The Mingling of Souls

With a plethora of books on marriage and dating on the market one must have something important to say to stand out. I can honestly say that I wish that this book, The Mingling of Souls, had been published when I was in college, and would commend it to anyone needing a biblical view on dating, courtship and marriage. Chandler takes us through the concepts and themes found in Song of Songs with a view towards God honoring, Christ exalting, gospel centered relationships. One finds a synthesis of biblical exposition, cultural engagement, and autobiography that gives weight to what Chandler has to say while at the same time making it a refreshing read. Chandler writes with a pastor’s heart bringing counsel on this important topic.

If you’re already married I highly recommend chapter 6. In our culture we have an incorrect view on conflict in marriage and Chandler cuts to the heart of the issue and demonstrates how to handle conflict in marriage.

I would like to thank David C. Cook and NetGalley for the eBook they provided.

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