Best Books of the Year

Many people at this time of the year are composing lists of the best books published this year, I’m going to add a twist to that and list and comment on the ten best books I’ve read this year, some were published this year and some not.


This book which serves as a companion to Dr. Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. This book was part of assigned reading for Dr. Cribb’s internship class. This book provides helpful suggestions on how to implement the spiritual disciplines in your daily life, as well as how to remove a lot of the clutter that prevents you from pursuing God. If you don’t own this book you need to.


Author: Marcus L. Loane

This book provides short and deeply moving biographies of David Brainerd, Henry Martyn, Robert Murray M`Cheyne, and Ion-Keith Falconer. All of those men were faith ministers of Christ in their home lands and to the nation. All lived remarkably short lives each leaving a profound impact of the history of the church. I learned from reading these biographies that it is the quality of faithfulness and not the quantity of years that decides our impact for the Kingdom. If you’ve never delved into Christian biography this is a good place to start.


Author: D.A. Carson, Glenn Sunshine, Jon Hinkson, Timothy George, Brad Gundlach, Ra…

This book will open your eyes to what God has been and is doing among the nations. It really destroys the Americancentric view of missions and gives credit where credit is due in regards to the missions endeavors of other countries. The chapter discussing the Great Commission and the Reformation provides much needed insight to that part of history.


It is wonderfully well written and provides a sympathetic review of the resurgence of Reformed theology in the church. It has at the same time an objectivity that is refreshing in that the author did not just interview Calvinists to learn about the resurgence.


Author: Arnold A. Dallimore

Everybody loves Spurgeon but most only know him through anecdotal stories told in sermons. I was just like that. This book opened my eyes to the breadth and efficacy of the ministry of one of my heroes in the faith C.H. Spurgeon. If the two volumes autobiography intimidates you this would be a good place to start.


Author: John, Piper

Has really shaped my understanding of what it really means to preach the word of God. It really drove home the high calling that ministers are given in being called to preach. If you feel called to preach this needs to be on your book shelf and on your reading list.


Author: D. A. Carson

This book really challenged my understanding of the love of God and the nature of the atonement. Carson is an insightful exegete who in a short number of pages can shed light on some of the deepest and most meaningful issues in Scripture.


Author: John G. Paton

The story of one of God’s faithful missionaries as told by himself. I wept when I finished the book.


A really insightful apologetic book. His use of Van Tillian presuppositionalism and ability to engage with culture was very insightful. I would rank this pretty high among apologetic resources.


Carson’s memorial to his father. This book will inspire all of us ordinary believers seeking to be faithful to God in ministry. D.A. Carson’s testimony to the character of his father is deeply touching and inspiring. This is a book that should be read by every father, husband, and minister.

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